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JUNE, 3RD 1986


Biggest Events: FIM Womenís World Championship and AMA/ WMA Outdoor Series - USA

Biggest Accomplishment: Racing professional in the USA

Rider Background: I started racing at the age of 6. For me motocross is a family affair, because the whole family is involved. In April 1993 I had my first race. It was a regional 65cc race and I was behind the starting gate for the first time...Wow, it was amazing, because I finished 6th overall out of 25 racers, all men. Since then I have never stopped racing and I have had a lot of good results every race left.
In 1994 I could stay at the same level, but the breakthrough I had in 1995 with a 5th overall in the 65cc class and a respectable 3rd place in my home state with boys only. In 1996 I won my first championship.
1997 was the first year with the 85cc Kawasaki. During the next years I had to learn a lot and I realized what MX is all about. I competed in the German 85cc championship and I have to say, it was not bad. In 1999 I won another important championship on my awesome Kawasaki so the expectations for the future were high.
Another important step was at the age of 13 when I turned to the 125cc class. This wasnít easy, because I was at the starting gate with all the big guys and I recognized how hard racing can be. I had to collect a lot of experiences in the 125cc/250cc class.
2001 was a great year for me because I competed in the German 125cc Cup for the first time. I was one of 100 "A" racers who were determined to win this race. It was amazing
! I fulfilled my dream, because I qualified for the menís main event. I also could win the 125cc (14-18) championship in one of our neighbour states.
During the winter I competed in several
International SX races here in Europe and I felt that I was in good shape. But shortly after this point I had a bad injury with a broken wrist. Nevertheless I competed in the first two rounds of the Womensmxleague (WML) pro class in the USA. I felt that I had the ability to win such a race. I had a great time in the USA and racing there has been amazing, but my wrist was hurting and I couldnít show 100% what I am capable of. 2003 was my first fulltime WML Pro season in the USA. Racing in conjunction with the AMA Outdoor Nationals was a great experience for me. I felt that I belong to the fastest female racers and enjoyed racing overseas in such an awesome atmosphere. In 2004 I did a lot of races in Europe and finished 3rd overall in the 1st UFO Plast/ European Womenís MX Cup. I came back to the USA in 2005 to compete in the WMA International Championship, but I had so much bad luck in the first two races. Over here in Europe I finished 2nd overall at the 2nd UFO Plast/ European Womenís MX Cup, 3rd overall in the 2005 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup and as a highlight 5th overall in the 1st FIM Womenís MX Cup in conjunction with the official FIM MX1/ MX2 World Championship. 2006 wasnít my greatest season, but I finished 5th overall in the 2006 FIM Womenís World Cup Championship, 3rd overall at the 2006 European Womenís MX Cup and 4th overall in the International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup. Speedwise it was okay, but I had some mechanical problems, as well as crashes. In 2007 I was sidelined for almost the entire season due to a shoulder injury suffered at my hometown race in a nasty start crash. I needed more than half a year to recover from that. In 2008 I participated in all of the DMV-Ladies-Cup rounds as well as selected rounds of the FIM Women's World Championship, which went quite well. 2009 was a great year. I got 2nd overall in the DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup abroad my KX450F. In 2010 I ended up 3rd overall in the Ladies Cup. 2011 marked my last full season riding the German Ladies Cup. Unfortunately the attention of Women's racing isn't there any longer and the series moved back to regional standards without international participants. For now on I will concentrate on my work and take a step back. I am still riding at a few big races and on regional level. 2012 was a crazy season as I had two big injuries. At my hometown race I had a terrible crash which knock me out for a few minutes and took some time to recover. Later on in the series I injured my left radius bone badly and had to undergo surgery. I am still on rehab and will have my plates taken out by the end of 2013.

Competitive Highlights: 

  • 2014 North Bavarian Champion Ladies

  • 2011 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup 3rd Place

  • 2010 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup 3rd Place

  • 2009 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup 2nd Place

  • 2008 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup 3rd Place

  • 2006 FIM Womenís World Cup Championship 5th Place

  • 2006 UFO Plast/ European Womenís MX Cup 3rd Place

  • 2006 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup 4th Place

  • 2005 FIM Womenís World Cup Uddevalla/ Sweden 6th Place

  • 2005 UFO Plast/ European Womenís MX Cup Triptis 2nd Place

  • 2005 International DMV-MX-Ladies-Cup 3rd Place

  • 2004 UFO Plast/ European Womenís MX Cup Triptis 3rd Place

  • 2004 Altex Computers/ WMA Cup Cycle Ranch, TX USA 4th Place

  • 2003 WML Outdoor National Championship (Unofficial World Championship) 3rd Place Pro

  • 2003 WML Outdoor National/ International Cup Rd. #2 Hangtown, CA USA 3rd Place Pro

  • 2002 Bavarian Championship 2nd Place (Men)

  • 2002 WML Outdoor National Championship Rd. #1 Glen Helen, CA USA 4th Place Pro

  • 2001 Bavarian Champion 125cc Junior (Men)

Next Season's Goals:

I put my main focus on my work and furthers studies and stepped back from racing a bit. I am still riding and racing at local events, but I am not doing the World GP's any more.

What inspired you to compete?

It was definitely my family. Everyone in my family is involved in MX...So what was my choice? After all the seasons I still enjoy every minute of my riding and every race I am doing.


What are your most memorable moments?

Winning the first moto in my entire career back in the days when I was a little child. Another great moment was my first race in the USA. Back in 2002 I raced the WML National at Glen Helen Raceway for the first time. I was so excited. Everything was new and so cool...In my 2nd moto at Glen Helen I was in 2nd place for one lap, right behind Jessica Patterson...I lost that spot to Stefy Bau and got 3rd in that moto, nevertheless it was a nice feeling. In 2004 I got my first US win at the Loretta Lynnís regional qualifier, where I beat 2004 Loretta Lynnís Champion Tarah Gieger. Also the first European Women's MX Cup in Triptis was pretty amazing for me...I never thought, that we can get so many riders together for the first big Women's race in Europe.


Some Personal Information About Me:

First I have to say, that MX is my life since I have been a little girl. On and off the track I have a lot of fun abroad  my Kawasaki. I am a determined person with the goal of being a professional Motocross racer. Also at university I am known as a good student who makes every effort into having success. For this reason I can say, that I have ideals and I know how to work hard. I am a sparkling personality and I have solid morals. Thatís why my family is one of the most important parts of my life and my success.


Why do I compete?

I love the competition an the adrenaline rush  in my body. I love the speed. I love everything involved in MX. Motocross is my life and I hope I am able to ride as long as I can. Memories from my recent USA trips, as well as the FIM Womenís World Championship give me the power to go on with my racing, even if I have had some bad results, crashes, injuries or whatever.



Fischer-Moto-Cross-Sport,  Ossur/ CTI2, FRS-Suspension, Pro Circuit, Auto Haupt, MX-Inside, Kawasaki Pfeil, Dice Graffix